No Man’s Land

Genre: YA


For fifteen-year-old orphan Tom loss is everywhere. And love is a risk. But then he meets Penny and risks losing everything…

When he was orphaned two years ago, Tom’s life changed dramatically.  Taken in by friends of his parents who live on a diving boat, he goes from one port to another, never settling anywhere long enough to put down roots.

Freedom is one thing. Not belonging anywhere is another. Or maybe they are just different sides of the same coin.

We meet up with them now as they sail into a new port and with business looking good they decide to stay put for a while. Tom is entered into the local international school, where he is surprised to meet up with an old friend. Through this acquaintance he is drawn, somewhat reluctantly, into a group of young people who are all misfits in some way, only able to come together as friends by nature of the fact that they are hundreds of miles from home.

In particular Tom is captivated by the American girl, Penny Carpenter. But just as their friendship starts to develop, a cyclone hits the coast, threatening to destroy everything in its path. As the school is closed and hundreds flee the port for the safety inland, Tom and his family make the decision to ride out the storm on the boat alone. Whether he will lose everything again is something that no one can know for sure.

Publication details: release date April 2015; e-book

ISBN: 978-0-9926982-4-9

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