The Poldeen Trilogy

Genre: Adult Literary Fiction/ New Adult Fiction


Three brothers. Two deaths. One run-down sheep farm. Nothing can be the same again.

Twenty-one-year-old back-packer Peter Williams is sitting on a beach on the other side of the world with nothing more pressing to worry about than beer money and where to sleep at night. That is until he gets a phone call telling him to come home, telling him that something terrible has happened, and suddenly his life changes forever.

When something really bad happens, everything in your life gets divided into two distinct parts: before it happened and afterwards

He returns to Cornwall, to the run-down sheep farm that he and his two brothers have now inherited, to a county lost in time and a fractured family hopelessly dealing with their grief and unspoken fears for the future.

What follows is the next seven months, as the three brothers learn about the farm, about each other, and about the family feud that has driven a wedge between their parents and estranged grandfather, a feud that, even in death, threatens to tear apart yet another generation. Sink or swim, Pete cannot be sure whether the farm will turn out to be their life raft or a ship that is going down with the rest of them.

Book One in the Poldeen Trilogy

Publication details: release date October 2013; e-book

ISBN: 978-0-9926982-0-1

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***** Bailey Cericlought: “…a fantastic story, beautifully told, and deserves to be recognised as a serious cut-above the usual…”

Vena Cork, author of Thorn: “I have just finished reading Drowning On Dry Land…and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I look forward to the second and third instalments.”


16-year-old Marcus has just one thing on his mind: sex.  If only it could have stayed that way.

Marcus Lamb is sixteen and has just one thing on his mind: sex. His virginity hangs around his neck like a stone and his sole aim is to lose it before he becomes the oldest virgin in school.

…there was this unspoken tension…quietly pulling at him, nagging like a toothache…

His parents, however, have different concerns. George, a geography teacher at his son’s comprehensive, is keen to ensure that nothing distracts Marcus from his impending exams. Anthea, George’s wife, is fearful that their respectable, middle-class family is about to be torn apart by the weight of secrets carried with them from before Marcus was even born.

When his older sister returns to take up permanent residence again in their small Cornish village, the rumblings quickly begin, and the world as Marcus has always known it, that he has so readily kicked against, is about to break apart forever.

Set against the backdrop of a tumultuous seven months in which Marcus’ best friend loses both his parents in a car crash, the whole notion of family and identity is thrown into question. A pity then that Marcus still has just one thing on his mind: sex.

Book Two in the Poldeen Trilogy

Publication details: release date May 2014; e-book

ISBN: 978-0-992698-3-2

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Why did his brother commit suicide five years ago? For 16-year-old Harley the worst thing is not knowing the truth. But he is wrong.

Quiet, withdrawn Harley Stevenson is sixteen-years-old and part of a broken family all struggling to come to terms with the death of their eldest child, Bailey, five years ago.

More than anything, Harley wants to discover the reason for his brother’s suicide, but his parents are still too hurt to discuss Bailey’s death; his other brother, Dylan, seems to blame Bailey for everything that has gone wrong in the last five years and his little sister was too young to clearly remember him. The only other person Harley can approach is his uncle: but he is a man with dark secrets of his own.

He wanted to scream ‘but Bailey’s dead, you can tell me now, you can tell me everything’ …

Set in the sleepy Cornish village of Poldeen this is the third and final book following the lives of a group of friends and acquaintances, their safe world irrevocably altered at the start of the year by a horrific car crash. As Harley is brought ever closer to uncovering the truth about Bailey, his world is also about to become changed beyond all recognition as he realises that people are not always what they seem.

Book Three in the Poldeen Trilogy

Publication details: release date December 2016; e-book

ISBN: 978-0-9926982-5-6

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