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And this is me!

I was born in Somerset one February many years ago (in fact in a whole different century), and brought up just outside Midsomer Norton until the early seventies when my family moved to Singapore. A few years later we relocated to Cornwall, where we have lived, on and off, ever since. I graduated from Leicester Polytechnic (now De Montford University) in 1985 and spent a year teaching English in Sudan before settling in London where I still live and work.


For as long as I can remember I have wanted to write books. Even at the age of six I would apparently refuse to go to school before I had written a short story!

From Enid Blyton to S.E. Hinton

I penned my first attempt at a novel at nine, and got my first official rejection from a publisher at eleven for my blatant Enid Blyton boarding-school plagiarism. Undeterred, I carried on, amassing more rejections, this time for my S.E. Hinton rip-offs in my early teens. (Imitation is, after all, the sincerest form of flattery.) But S.E. Hinton had a profound effect on my writing (thankfully I had stopped reading Enid Blyton by then) and cemented in my mind the desire to write teenage fiction.

Mohan Alone

My first published novel, Mohan Alone, came out in 1988. This was a huge milestone, fulfilling something that I had been dreaming about since early childhood, even if it turned out not to be life-changing: I was disappointed to discover that I couldn’t give up my day-job (which at the time was a brief stint in a wig factory, I seem to remember).


My next teenage novel, Secrets, was published in 2002. In between that I was lucky enough to get a series of non-fiction books for children and teens published, covering topics from the supernatural to space (a huge passion of mine ever since). Becoming the next J K Rowling or S E Hinton, however, continues to elude me…

Does J K Rowling have to put up with this?
Does JK Rowling have to put up with this?

As for the bit in between, when I wasn’t writing I was getting married, getting divorced, travelling, teaching English, travelling some more, acquiring a motorcycle licence – and a parrot –  as well as running a motorcycle training company, not necessarily in that order. I have lived in Somerset, Singapore, Jordan, Sudan and Cornwall and am now London-based, still teaching English, always writing, still looking after the parrot, and still dreaming of that next big break….

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