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Children’s Non Fiction


In the late ’90s I was lucky enough to be commissioned to write a series of non-fiction books with my friend and co-author Ivor Baddiel.

The series was aimed at reluctant readers (low word count, high interest) and covered a wide variety of themes popular at the time.

Published by MacDonald Young Books in 1998

Is the human race the only life form in our universe?

Have aliens visited our planet regularly for centuries?

Are people who claim to have encountered aliens lying?

Do scientists believe that UFOs exist?

ISBN 0 7500 2530 1

Published by MacDonald Young Books in 1998

Do ghosts exist or are they a product of the imagination?

Have some people really experienced past lives?

Why are clairvoyants sometimes asked to solve crimes?

Is telepathy a sixth sense we all have?

Can people really use their minds to control their bodies?

ISBN 0 7500 2528 X

Published by MacDonald Young Books in 1999

Do undiscovered monsters lurk in the depths of the ocean?

Are giant ‘Wild Men’ roaming remote forests and mountains?

Is there any truth in vampire legends?

Were dragons real creatures?

ISBN 0 7500 2765 7

Published by MacDonald Young Books in 1999

What will our lives be like in the future?

Will children need to go to school and adults to work?

Will everyone travel around in space and spend their holidays on other planets?

Will all illnesses be cured? And might scientists find a way to cheat death?

How far will technology progress and could it take us over?

ISBN 0 7500 2767 3

After the success of the Mysterious World series, a solo project followed on the subject of Space…



Published by Hodder Wayland in 2000

If you were sucked into a black hole, would you travel through time?

What would it be like to live on Mars?

Why do astronauts strap themselves in spinning chairs during training?

What was the worst space disaster?

ISBN 0 7500 29749