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YA Fiction

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I stood in front of my bedroom mirror…wondering what I saw…wondering what kind of life this jacket had had before now.

Ever wanted to be someone else? To re-write your own story? Maddie Finch has.

At fifteen, she would like to be older, and wiser, especially when it comes to the opposite sex. To be more of a risk-taker like her alter-ego, Maizie, the girl who lives in the stories that Maddie secretly writes.

But then one day the story and the writer become forever intertwined and Maddie finds herself thrown into a world she is horribly unprepared for, hurtling towards an ending she is struggling to control.

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Book Cover for No Man's Land
Freedom is one thing. Not belonging anywhere is another. Or maybe they are just different sides of the same coin.

For fifteen-year-old orphan Tom loss is everywhere. And love is a risk. But then he meets Penny and risks losing everything…

Orphaned two years ago, Tom is restless and rootless as he now travels from country to country with his guardians on their charter dive boat. Sailing into yet another new port, he is surprised to meet up with an old friend and a group of other misfits – all miles from the countries they once thought of as home. They come together in a No Man’s Land that is as transient as anything else in their lives. But can any of it last, especially when there is a cyclone bearing down on them…?

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Subject: Secrets

From: Briony Newman

‘Hello everyone. I’ve read your messages before but never actually posted one myself – until now. The problem is my stepfather. He beats my mother. I’m scared for Mum because she never seems to learn. But then I get angry – because I don’t want to spend my whole life looking out for her.’

The first time my stepfather laid a hand on me I was secretly glad. I remember thinking, now something is finally going to change.

Briony needs help, but who can she turn to? Her older brother doesn’t seem to care anymore and her friends are too busy sorting out their social lives to notice. Every time Briony tries to protect her mum she just seems to make things worse. One thing’s for certain – she has to do something. Her stepfather Colin is becoming more violent and Briony is terrified that one day he will go too far. But can she convince her mum to leave? And just how long can she keep her home life a secret?

Publication details: Livewire Books, The Women’s Press Ltd. 2002

ISBN: 0 7043 49779


In trouble at home and at school, fifteen-year-old Mohan feels confused and rejected…

When his parents decide that their two younger children should ‘go home’ to India to be educated, Mohan is painfully aware that they don’t want his brothers to grow up like him.

Mohan’s little brothers are going back to India, so that they don’t end up like him.

Left to fend for himself, his feelings of anger and self-pity boil over, leading him into deeper and deeper trouble.

Publication details: Simon & Schuster, 1988

ISBN: 0 671 69933 4

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